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Why Dandelion Associates?

Dandelion Associates equip individuals and teams with the interpersonal skills they need to respond and act professionally, even in the toughest situations.

I am absolutely committed to learning and development.  Every workshop is professionally designed to build self-awareness, understanding, flexibility and confidence.  I want every single person who attends to learn something powerful.   Something to improve their inter-personal skills and the way they relate to those around them.

However, I want more than that! I want delegates to have fun!  Yes fun on a work day! I want them to laugh…..out loud……………!  Laugh, as they discover that their current behaviour might be sabotaging their chances (oh, and your chances) of success.  Laugh, at how easy it is to make better choices that get the results.  Results they never thought possible.  I want to turn their attention to simple ideas and concepts that they would never have considered even trying.

I want them to throw modesty out of the window and recognise and build on their strengths.

I want them to throw fear out of the window and start seeing any weak spots as simply “work in progress”………… be dealt with as a matter of urgency.

It’s quite a goal and sometimes I am stretched to my absolute limits but, there is always a key.  That one gem of an idea that triggers something and unlocks someone’s true potential.  That “aha” moment when you know that they suddenly realises that they can grow into something they never thought they could be.

That’s what I want and that’s what I do!

True learning is not a one size fits all approach.  So if you or your team are looking for something new and individual that you can truly value, I’d love you to discover it here.

Alison Ashley
Managing Director
Dandelion Associates