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Individual & Team Development

I love this quotation.  I cannot trace the author but would like to acknowledge their work.

“If you bought a million dollar machine, would you use it continuously without inspections, maintenance and upgrades?  Of course not!  Do you care as much about the upkeep of your people?    People need maintenance and upgrades even more than machines do.  Retraining is maintenance.  Training is an upgrade.   Development is the next generation model”

Suggested Skill Set Workshop Philosophy
Communication Skills Understand how faults in our wiring often sabotage us when it comes to communicating clearly.  Make simple, powerful adjustments to your own style.  Minimise communication breakdown.
Being Assertive Change behaviour and adopt a few simple, “is that how easy it is” strategies?  The more passive among you will still have friends and the more aggressive (yes you definitely need to come too) among you will have more friends.
Challenging Colleagues How to be proactive and not reactive when faced with “difficult” personalities in the workplace.  Learn how to work with difference, adopt a flexible style and understand the impact of your own behaviour on others.
Influencing Skills Being authentic, trustworthy, and credible are  the real keys to persuasion.  Make simple changes to your behavioiur and approach……………..see the results.
Public Speaking Skills “If you don’t feel the fear you’re not ready to play the game”!  Turning nervous energy into confidence (yes you can) and adopting bullet proof preparation techniques can make you the speaker you want to be.  This workshop is easily adaptable for all levels of experience.
Meeting Skills Your chance to shine.  Participating, influencing, maintaining control and getting your message across in a professional manner.  Learn new ways to make meetings valuable.
Performance Reviews This is all about you!  Are they worthwhile?   With a little effort you can ensure that your manager has a detailed picture of your actual performance, career goals and ideas for the future.  This is potentially the most important hour of your year.
Stress Management Understand it, harness it and control it.  Build resilience and deal with the unhelpful thinking and emotions linked to stress.  Use simple strategies to stay motivated and positive.  Even through the toughest times.
Redundancy Face it head on, restore the balance and move on.  Don’t let this “blip” sabotage your future.  Use this experience to build resilience, acceptance and instal a positive future midset.
Smart Working What’s your relationship with time?  Why is it easy to work effectively with some people and not with others?  Understand the basic psychology of time management and learn strategies to achieve maximum results in the time you have available.


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