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Events in our personal life and professional life just seem to overwhelm us.  Goals, even the simple ones, seem unachievable .  Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be a workable solution anywhere in the universe, let alone on the horizon.
Coaching whether it is personal or business based (and remember sometimes there is a cross-over where one affects the other) is quite simply this.  A CONFIDENTIAL solution focused “YOU TIME”.  Taking you away from the day to day events of your world.  Time for you too TOTALLY focus on what’s immediately important to you right now.  It’s about you finding a way of getting yourself “un-stuck” and able to move on with a workable plan of action.

LIFE COACHING – Focuses on any personal issues that are affecting your motivation or confidence.  The goal is to find a way to change whatever is causing you unhappiness in your personal life.

EXECUTIVE COACHING – Focuses on improving areas such as performance at work (self or others), future planning, career progression, raising self-awareness or behavioural change.  The list is endless.


So what can coaching help me with?

That’s easy………………….absolutely anything, whatsoever.

You’re going to have a whole range of answers and solutions for me, right?

Actually you are going to do all the hard work.  You need to be the one finding a solution that works for you. However, I do have a toolkit that is chock-full of ideas designed to open up your mind, and get you thinking straight. I am also going to challenge you and make you step-up if necessary.   I may even focus you on your own behaviours and take you outside of your comfort zone. We are looking for that “aha” moment and sometimes it’s a stretch. But don’t worry although my job is to keep you moving forward, my priority is to keep you safe.

How long is it going to take for me to make the changes I need to make?

Well, obviously you can have as much coaching as you want.   However,  I’m going to be expecting some focused planning and a fair degree of commitment from you to find the best way to make those changes right from day one.  If we are not getting good results after every session and a good degree of change after around three sessions,  I’ll be investigating why that might be.   This is not supposed to be a long-term relationship.

Should I talk to you first?

I would expect you too.  You need to feel entirely comfortable with not only me as your coach but also with the work we will be doing together.  Please get the answer’s  you need, now.  Ring, email or use the contact form

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