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Leadership Skills for Managers


As a leader your technical and intellectual capacity will most definitely help you design your team goals.  However, it will be your attitude and behaviour towards others that ensure that those goals are delivered.

As a leader you have to have a clear vision of where you are going.  Then, you have to communicate that vision to your team.  As Simon Sinek said in his book Leaders Eat Last, the difficult part for any leader is truly knowing whether that team is 100% committed to those goals.  Are they really following you?

Without the inter-personal skills, character and qualities that inspire total trust, you may just find yourself in the middle of a battlefield with a great plan and no one behind you.

These workshops are designed to give you the skills to become an ethical and inspirational leader.  Use them as a guide.  All content can be tailored to match your specific organisational needs.

Suggested Skill Set Workshop Philosophy
Mastering the Art of Great Conversations Engage, motivate and improve communication with your whole team.   Excellent communication is the MOST IMPORTANT tool in your manager’s toolkit.  Whether directing or giving feedback why not learn techniques that normalise, personalise and humanise the conversation.  Plan and deliver your message with confidence.  Maintain rapport durig the most difficult conversations.   This workshop needs to be at the top of your DO-IT-NOW list
Motivating Teams through challenging (and just plain awful) times Pay freeze?  Lack of resources?  Everyone feels they are doing more for less?  So how do you keep spirits and performance high?   Be amazed at how much support you can offer and little or no cost to the business.  Strategies that won’t break the bank.
Building stronger teams Managing Difference Getting people who don’t understand each other to work effectively together.  Banish moaning, sabotage and resistance from your working environment.  Watch your team “step-up” and feel the love
Making Meetings Work Meetings are one of the worst business rituals.  If you insist on having them, make your meetings fruitful, empowering and fun.  Learn how to maintain control, and make things happen
Influential Manager Increase your personal impact and create professional gravitas. How to:-
Be seen.
Be heard.
Be talked about (in a good way)
Resilient Manager What about your own motivation?  How do you problem solve when you stressed or just plain fed up? Learn the key elements of resilience and develop your “bounce back”.  How to take good care of yourself.
Making Performance Reviews Work Let me show you how you can make these valuable conversations easy, effortless and worthwhile as well as an all year round motivational tool.  Plan and prepare effectively.  Take a collaborative approach and enjoy an interactive two-way exchange about performance, improvements and opportunities.


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